Client Speak

Jamaal Ali Success Coach, Jamaal Speaks LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Speaking good about Winco Chau…I may run short of adjectives, yet I give it a shot.A knowledgeable and phenomenal speaker, he is a dynamic personality whose poise is charismatic and conversation inspiring & mesmerizing. Despite being straight his choice of words are intelligent, witty sometimes, thought provoking & captivating, his energy & smile are truly infectious. Wishing you good luck my friend!  Cheers!  Jamaal 
               Kapil Bassi Program Manager Chicago, Illinois, USA
Working with Winco Chau as my life coach has been transformative. He has helped me clarify core pillars of my life, and navigate through dilemmas including my career, health, relationship and personal growth. His profound insights, enabling me to unravel patterns that held me back. Through his conceptual approach, frameworks and process of self-discovery, I identified my values, gained clarity on my priorities, empowering me to make informed decisions and take meaningful actions towards my life goals. What truly sets him apart is out of box thinking and holistic approach to life coaching. By encouraging me to explore different perspectives and challenging me to step outside of my comfort zone. creating the life I desire. Winco Chau's empathetic listening, thoughtful questioning has helped me through difficult situations making him my go to person anytime, for the last six years. Thank you, Sir, I now feel more grounded, empowered, and aligned with my true self.I highly recommend Winco Chau to anyone seeking clarity and empowerment in their journey towards a fulfilling life. Warmly,Kapil
             VimarshAGM AAI, India
Over the past six years, I've had the privilege of working with Chauhan Sir (Bhai sahab now) helping me navigating the challenging terrain of raising teenagers. He has been instrumental in helping me understand the intricate changes that occur in the minds of teens during this crucial phase of their development. With his Indepth knowledge, expertise & uniqueness in probing, I've gained invaluable insights into the adolescent psyche, enabling me to connect with and support my teens on a deeper level. Bhai Sahab has a remarkable ability to distill complex behaviour concepts into practical strategies & frameworks that have made a tangible difference in my parenting approach. Thanks to his support, I've witnessed remarkable growth and positive changes in my children. Our relationship has evolved into one of trust, respect, and open communication, fostering a sense of harmony and peace within our family.With heartfelt appreciation, 


Abhigyan RajProduct Marketer Forescribe
Sir, wish you a very happy 75th Republic Day, 75 years we have stood tall and together, and a great part of this success we owe to you and all the teachers, not just as an air warrior but also as my mentor, your passion for teaching, coaching, mentoring and care towards students and youths, and nation building is the result of the solidarity of Bharat. Thank you, Sir, for all the lessons, care and guidance and I request you please continue your passion for coaching and mentoring so that more students and youth can benefit from it, and we make a solid Nation. Sir I would love to be part of any good cause that you will undertake and especially for youth. Couldn't wear uniform still I want to contribute in smallest possible way sir. Jai Hind

Hiranshi, Practicing Astrologer, Sanatan Wisdom

Wing Commander Satyendra’s guidance in my professional journey has been a profound breakthrough for me. What I truly admire about him is how having a candid conversation with him is always a pleasure. He brings a level of clarity and a sense of direction that is both incredibly motivating and deeply reassuring.

Recently, I had the privilege of experiencing a complimentary 1-hour Clarity Session with him, which turned out to be a pivotal moment in my career path. His unique 5-step process for streamlining my podcast ideas brought unparalleled clarity and direction. What sets him apart are his extraordinary listening skills and immense patience in understanding the problems or dilemmas I face.

His crystal-clear, structured communication helps in cutting through the noise and focusing on what truly matters. He is not just an exceptional mentor but also a genuinely kind and inspiring human being. His support and mentorship have been invaluable to me, and I am incredibly grateful for every bit of guidance he has provided.

With a diverse background that spans from the army to life coaching, he brings an incredible wealth of experience to the table. His ability to listen intently and offer thoughtful, goal-oriented advice is nothing short of remarkable. Infact, Every conversation with Mr. Satyendra is filled with 'Aha' moments and deep insights that resonate long after our discussions end.

I am eagerly looking forward to more amazing sessions with him. His wisdom, patience, and genuine care make every interaction special and profoundly impactful. Thank you, Mr. Satyendra, for being such a guiding light in my journey.