An idea called Happiness How with Winco Chau...

My passion for holding a mike led me to be an MC, Commentator & voice over in the Indian Air Force, performing behind the mike and as Director of the Commentary team. 

Life had just begun to return to normal in the winter of 2020, following the first wave of COVID.  I had just finished a very satisfying coaching session with one of my clients from a very demanding profession. During the feedback while she appreciated the reassuring sessions in a stressful work environment that kept her going despite financial pressures, her smarter way for getting some respite was through listening to podcasts, and that appealed to me. 

This piqued my interest to podcast about the challenges and solutions for youth, execs, professionals, studying or working in fast moving metro cities, providing hope and relief through generic solutions to those without a coach would also satiate my passion being behind the mike. 

Thus, the idea of Happiness how with Winco Chau was born... to have some meaningful conversations aired to relax and bring a smile to youth and some sparkle in their eyes after a stressful day in the office besides giving them some relief by the way of generic solutions to personality development.

After some research and training under a worldclass professional I embarked upon this journey...

The USP of my podcast is its simplicity. Simplicity in presentation & understanding. And, most importantly HOW TO... which most people seek, and is generally left out. Most coaches talk about WHY - THE PURPOSE, yet HOW is somehow lost somewhere in the PROCESS. Knowing a simple HOW makes it easier for a layman to understand simple ways of living life without cumbersome procedures and experiencing its powers which lie ignored due to age-old disempowering beliefs prevailing in the society.

Series 1: We did some real grass root level interviews with professionals from all spectrums across the globe. You will find this is an unmissable podcast for youth, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals studying, living, working in high pressure, in big cities, facing multiple challenges, seeking some meaningful conversation, a smile on the face, a sparkle in the eyes and a cheer to lift the energies! Her we talk to common people from all walks of life who have relevant stories to narrate. 

It's all about the "Why" and "What" of having a resilient personality at workplace & life in general, and most importantly the "How to" of getting that sustainable resilient personality which paves way for fulfilling, successful ways of living & leading a peaceful contented and happy life.

Series 2:   This is all about HAPPINESS... like many, I would ponder over the physical, biological, and emotional aspects of happiness. Like, is happiness within your control or not? Is it inside you or outside of you? Is it temporary or sustainable? Is it contentment with what you have or is it aspiration that you desire, want to acquire, or possess? Is happiness part of the input (an act) when attempting a task, doing something and everything or is it sought or desired to do those acts. Is it a destination or outcome and by-product of a lifestyle? Do we need to work towards happiness or does it ensue?  In this series, we take our journey digging a little deeper into the need for happiness, its constituents, pursuits, etc, etc…

My endeavor to seek an answer to many such questions has been a journey which I am currently on, yet, I have arrived at a conclusion that, answer to this, many other such questions and some most essentials have eluded me and many around us are due to limited knowledge, awareness and understanding of human behavior coupled with our ignorance and clichéd mindset that “what we know is better and enough”.  I was happy to be posting this first solo podcast featuring SELF and yes this self is capped, as in an acronym for Solo Expressions of Life Fulfilled. Where I share my thoughts and experiences of sustainable happiness. Addressing the big question - How? 

Series 3: In our new series in 2023 we are talking about the relevance of these Happiness concepts in our day today life from young guests from the audience and take questions which affect them and all of us in some which way. 

These questions are ranging from self care to self growth, from personality development to career development, from curiosity about life to confusions emanating from relationships, from awareness to being mindful, from acquiring knowledge to managing conflicts arising out of choosing a career to transition from one age bracket to another, from one culture to another, profession, etc. 

The mode of communication is Hinglish…kucch hindi or kucch English...

Do you have anything on your mind? Any challenges? Any negativity within or in the environment around you? Something you'd like to talk about or if you have something on mind and would like us to talk about for the benefit of all? You could also join us on the show...all that you need to do is fairly simple, click the link below to participate in the show, connect with us…

The link takes you to a page where you need answer a few simple questions and submit, If your answers are happy, and fulfilling, Bam! you will get an invitation call from us to be on the podcast with me and have fun sharing that which can make you & others happy!

Are you excited to think what will it be like ? 

We air one episode every fortnight on Sunday at 12 PM IST.  

The podcast is available on various platforms across the world.

Hope you like our intent, content and energy… If yes, do follow the link below to check out this space for our videos. Present and past... 

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